Supervisor of Entertainment and Recreation Worker

Also called: Animal Trainer Supervisor, Aquatics Supervisor, Bowling Alley Operator, Caddie Supervisor, Caddy Master

Supervisor of Entertainment and Recreation Worker


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First-Line supervisors of entertainment and recreation workers directly supervise and coordinate activities of entertainment and recreation-related workers.

  • Analyze and record personnel or operational data and write related activity reports.
  • Apply customer feedback to service improvement efforts.
  • Assign work schedules, following work requirements, to ensure quality and timely delivery of service.
  • Collaborate with staff members to plan or develop programs of events or schedules of activities.
  • Direct or coordinate the activities of entertainment and recreation related workers.
  • Furnish customers with information on events or activities.
  • Inform workers about interests or special needs of specific groups.
  • Inspect work areas or operating equipment to ensure conformance to established standards in areas such as cleanliness or maintenance.
  • Meet with managers or other supervisors to stay informed of changes affecting workers or operations.
  • Observe and evaluate workers' appearance and performance to ensure quality service and compliance with specifications.
  • Participate in continuing education to stay abreast of industry trends and developments.
  • Plan, direct, or supervise recreational and entertainment activities led by staff, such as sports, aquatics, games, or performing arts.
  • Provide staff with assistance in performing difficult or complicated duties.
  • Recruit and hire staff members.
  • Requisition supplies and equipment necessary for workers to facilitate recreational or entertainment activities, such as safety harnesses, flash lights, or first aid kits.
  • Resolve customer complaints regarding worker performance or services rendered.
  • Serve as a point of contact between managerial staff and leaders of recreational or entertainment activities.
  • Take disciplinary action to address performance problems.
  • Train workers in proper operational procedures and functions and explain company policies.
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Detailed Work Activities
  • Prepare operational reports or records.
  • Resolve customer complaints or problems.
  • Assign duties or work schedules to employees.
  • Develop plans for programs or services.
  • Confer with organizational members to accomplish work activities.
  • Supervise service workers.
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