Posting your resume to the right job site mix

by Admin

Use the right mix of job websites in your job search methods. 

Many job seekers focus on big job websites such as But according to experts, unless you're in a high-demand field, this is one of the least effective job search methods, with only about 10% (at best) success rate. So don't spend more than 10% of your time at this activity.

Here are guidelines for making good use of your time online:

  • Explore niche, or specialty, job boards. Don't just post on Monster. Also, look at sites like for technology or for health care.
  • Target websites of companies you're interested in. Determine which companies to target and post resume to their sites. Better yet, contact these employers directly.
  • Consider regional job boards. To find these boards, type your state and the words "job board" into Google (e.g., Minnesota job board) or try your local library's website.
  • Try "aggregator" sites like,. These sites combine search results from job boards, company websites, professional associations, and other sources.
  • Try professional association websites. Professional associations often post jobs for their members. View the Professional Association Finder to explore options.

Check out, which includes four job bank sources, including your state job bank. But since experience shows it's not the best way to get noticed, it's helpful to use a few different methods, including networking your resume in person.